Thursday, March 17, 2011

Literature Circles: Art Connection or World Connection

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    I chose this article as my World Connection for this section of The Book Thief because it shows that the terrible Holocaust that occured under Nazi Germany was not the last in history. Genocides continue to take place in modern times, and often more developed countries do little or nothing to stop the devestation, as if ignoring the problems will make them disappear. This tactic of avoidance on the part of the onlookers reminds me of how many people, including Germans, questioned the actions of the Nazi Party but did not act to stop it, either out of fear of retaliation, laziness, political motivations, or because it was inconveniant. People and governments fail to act to prevent genocides for the same reasons today.


    I chose this topic as my world connection for the book Night.In Night a genocide occurred of anyone who was of Jewish origin or just different from what Hitler thought of men to be.An immense number of people were killed,in the most bizarre ways. A similar tragic happened in Rwanda,a civil war broke out and multiple people were killed. The cause of this war was because a European country tried to colonize Rwanda and did.But they also made two tribes turned on each other. Making one think that they were culturally higher and important than the other. All though this isn't exactly similar to the holocaust,they both have their similarities. To think that people actually will risk wiping a whole human race away just for their satisfaction is disturbing,and unfortunately true.

  3. I chose this topic as my world connection for the book Night. In Night there are terrible,horrifying visual descriptions of the torture that Jews,gypsies,Catholics,Protestants, and thousands of others endured.I believe, in a way,they, survivors, should be glad they did such back-breaking work. Because of it is why some people have survived.The Nazis could have just shot them all and be done. I'm not saying that the Holocaust was a good thing, or genocide in general is. It's terrible. I can't imagine what they went through. But they survived a bloody nightmare. That's the good part. Brianna Gillespie


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